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PRO (Powerful mini pepper spray)

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  • Weight28 g
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  • Unit Price 30000 KRW
    (29.35 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pieces
  • Shipping CompanyOthers
  • Payment Card

[I World Safetech (IWS)]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Powerful mini pepper spray 

 ** The price can be varied according to order quantities. 


   Small size and simple design! And Prepare for emergency by always carrying 

    self-protecting device in hand!

   This upgraded product has special nozzle and pump inside which enable the overpowering 

    of criminal with a single shot

   Powerful tear liquid agent from Germany overpowers criminal in a second!

   Compact designs and key rings that double as a keychain so you can conveniently 

     keep spray ready at hand when most vulnerable.

  Our product sends out spray not affected by wind and the liquid immediately diffuse

    at the instant of it hits the face of the criminal.

  Our product sprays a constant stream from any angle!

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PRO -Powerful mini pepper spray-