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i Touch Pen Set (pepper spray)

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  • Unit Price 70000 KRW
    (68.49 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pieces
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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

i Touch Pen Set
(A Pepper Spray + A Touch Pen + A Smart Phone Case)


** The price can be varied according to order quantities.  


self-protecting spray combined with a touch-pen and a smartphone case.
Smartphone case is made of high class artificial leather
We provide with a smartphone case made of high class artificial leather so that you can easily carry touch-pen and smartphone safe.
There is no need to carry touch-pen and smartphone separately. Please carry touch-pen and smartphone together.
The first production of its kind in the world!
Prepare for emergency by always carrying self-protecting device in hand!
This product can be carried as an indispensable accessory to smartphone in everyday life.
In case of emergency, it can be used as a self-protecting spray.
Use it as a smartphone touch-pen in daily life but use it as a self-protecting spray in case of emergency!

A self-protecting spray which can be always carried!
The natural vegetable tear liquid is powerful but safe!
Now I protect myself! An essential item for modern people!
Powerful tear liquid agent from Germany overpowers criminal in a second!

A smartphone touch-pen in daily life, a super-power self-protecting spray in emergency! (top class tear agent from Germany)
An excellent method to protect self from crime!
Self-protecting spray is being globally sold and the reliability of it has been confirmed.
The vegetable tear agent harmless to man is sprayed to the face of a potential attacker.
It is an effective device to protect self immediately from crime.
There is a big difference in the time of continuous tear gas effect dependent on product.
Our product sends out spray not affected by wind and the liquid immediately diffuse at the instant of it hits the face of the criminal.
Therefore, a single drop on the face can maintain tear effect for a long time.
Self-protecting spray combined with touch-pen!

│Major Features│

  • The effect of the product is immediate. The criminal cannot respond because the person would temporarily lose eyesight and become dazed.
  • This product uses vegetable tear liquid. The special nozzle and pump can spray it as far as 2 to 3m.
  • This is an easy-to-carry self-protecting product which combines smartphone touch-pen and self-protecting spray for the first time in the world!
  • The state-certified vegetable tear agent is harmless to man.
  • The pump inside has been globally confirmed of its safety.
  • Anybody can carry this without any requirement of reporting to police in advance.
  • Being small and light, it is easy to carry.
  • It is an excellent gift for precious acquaintances.
  • It is made of duralumin, which aircrafts also use as sash material.
  • The touch-pen works on any smartphone applied of capacitive touch screen.

An excellent smartphone touch-pen with great sensitivity!
The sense of touch is great!
Excellent sense of touch, small size and simple design!
It can be carried to anywhere. It has soft and delicate sense of touch!
The touch-pen works on any smartphone applied of capacitive touch screen.

The slim and compact-size is exactly same with actual pen.
It can be always carried in a pocket or in a bag.

│How to use│

  • Remove the nozzle cap and spray toward the face of criminal by pushing it few times.
  • After use, please wipe the liquid around nozzle and close it by the cap for keeping.
  • The nozzle cap is separated by pulling it.
  • This is the separated cap.
  • Spray few times toward the face of criminal


Product name

Queen Touch Pen Set
(A Pepper Spray + A Touch Pen + A Smart Phone Case)

Number of spray

15 times

Spray Method

Nozzle pump spray


thickness : 1.5cm
length : 12cm

│Caution for use│

  • It can be used only for justified self-protection purpose
  • If you use the product on malicious purpose, you can get criminal punishment. The manufacturer is not responsible for a willful accident.
  • When the liquid touches skin, the skin can get hot and red. When it gets into an eye, it can cause irritation, tear-flowing and temporary blindness.
  • It will gradually get better after 10 minutes. If the person washes face and eyes with water or soap water, the recovery can be quicker.
  • Please keep it away from fire or hot temperature higher than 40 ℃.
  • Please do not disassemble tear agent container. It can damage the pump.
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i Touch Pen Set -pepper spray-